• Maria Izquierdo, Hacia el paraiso

    Maria Izquierdo

    Hacia el paraiso
    (Towards Paradise)

  • Armando Morales, Sueño en la madrugada

    Armando Morales

    Sueño en la madrugada IV
    (Dream at Dawn IV)

  • Estrella

    Mathias Goeritz


  • TAMAYO Rooftops

    Rufino Tamayo


  • Matta, La Lumière Noire

    Roberto Matta

    La Lumière Noire

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Latin American Art Week Online Preview

We invite you to visit the gallery during Latin American Art Week to see an exhibition of recent acquisitions and selected inventory, including works by De Obaldía, Gerzso, Goeritz, Izquierdo, Matta, Orozco, Rivera, Tamayo, Toledo, and Varo.


A Visit with Isabel De Obaldía

On a recent trip to Panama, travel enthusiast and blogger Vanessa Grall, founder of the blog Messy Nessy Chic, visited the studio of renowned sculptor Isabel De Obaldía. Besides getting a firsthand look at De Obaldía’s artistic process, Grall was interested to learn more about the history of Panama. De Obaldía took her on a drive through her neighborhood, which was originally built and occupied by American military personnel.

Read The Living American Ghost Towns of Panama for a tour of the artist’s studio, including photos and a video of her work in progress, and a look back into the history of Panama.

Visit Isabel De Obaldía’s website

See available works by Isabel De Obaldía at Mary-Anne Martin|Fine Art


Isabel De Obaldía's studio. Photo courtesy of Messy Nessy Chic.
Isabel De Obaldía’s studio. Photo courtesy of Messy Nessy Chic.
Isabel De Obaldia
The artist in her home. Photo courtesy of Messy Nessy Chic.