• Matta, La Lumière Noire

    Roberto Matta

    La Lumière Noire

  • Leonora Carrington, Winged Ram, 1959

    Leonora Carrington

    Winged Ram

  • Gerzso, Rojo Verde Naranja

    Gunther Gerzso


  • Estrella

    Mathias Goeritz


  • Ancestors to Come

    Wolfgang Paalen

    Ancestors to Come

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Latin American Art Week Online Preview

We invite you to visit the gallery during Latin American Art Week to see a special exhibition of recent acquisitions and selected inventory. “Spiders, Rats, Sharks, Snails, Snakes, and Scorpions” features paintings, drawings, and sculpture by artists including Carrington, De Obaldía, Gerzso, Goeritz, Izquierdo, Kahlo, Lam, Matta, Orozco, Paalen, Rivera, and Tamayo. Besides a menagerie of animals, the exhibition features important works of surrealism, abstraction, and portraiture.