“Wifredo Lam met Sebastiana Piriz (who he called Eva) in 1926, and their relationship inspired a series of paintings that stylistically stand out in Lam’s oeuvre. The couple married in 1929 and Piriz gave birth to their son, Wilfredo Víctor, in 1930. Tragedy struck the next year, when Lam lost both his wife and son to tuberculosis. The intense range of emotions that Lam experience in this time – the joyous creation of his family and the swift, tragic loss – prompted Lam to experiment with his style and produce works with a dreamlike, Surrealist quality.”

Maria-Lluisa Borrás, “Lam in Spain,” Wifredo Lam, Catalogue Raisonné of the Painted Work, Vol. 1, 1923-1960, Ed. Acatos, Lausanne and Paris, p. 23-24