Arte Al Día Commemorates Women Gallerists

The current issue of Arte Al Día International magazine focuses on the growing significance of Latin American art in the global art world. One article in particular, titled “Latin American Art in the Visionary Eye of Women Gallerists,” addresses the role a number of noteworthy women gallerists have played in shaping this sector of the art market. The author, Janet Batet, notes that,

The first name that comes to mind for historical reasons is that of Mary-Anne Martin, who developed a praiseworthy effort towards the recognition of modern Latin American artists from her position at the auction house Sotheby’s New York. She was responsible for three capital events for the Latin American Art market which would lead to the creation of Sotheby’s Latin American Art Department. These were: the inclusion in the 1976 modern art auction sale of thirty pieces of Mexican art and their successful sale, the first auction sale of Mexican works in the United States in 1977, and later, in 1979 the first Latin American art auction sale.

In 1982, Mary-Anne left Sotheby’s to establish her own gallery and fulfill a task which has been crucial for the launching of such figures as Gunther Gerzso and Francisco Toledo, among others.