A painting of pink and purple shapes on a panel of black wood that is irregularly shaped

El Castigo de los Dioses (The Punishment of the Gods)

Picture of the detailed signature of the artist where he included his name, year and title of the artwork.

This painting consists of a field of complex geometric figures based on Mannerist designs, each different, that were also of interest to M.C. Escher. Surrounding them are other hand-painted designs, including references to classical and pre-Columbian art. This series of works, all on cut plywood, are discussed at length in Jeffrey Collins, “Through the Window: Pedro Friedeberg’s Sublime Architecture,” in Deborah Holtz et al. eds, Pedro Friedeberg (Mexico City: Trilce, 2009), pp. 292-95, which includes illustrations of other compositions from the same series. The painting was included in Pedro Friedeberg: Arquitecto de Confusiones Impecables, a major retrospective exhibition held at the Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City (2010).

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