A bright orange and white geometric abstract painting


This work belonged to the artist’s wife, Gene Gerzso, from the day it was made. When Gerzso finished the painting Gene said that she loved it and Gerzso said he would give it to her. She declined, saying that she would rather purchase the painting from him, so that there would never be a risk that a collector would come to their home and pressure him into selling it. He could always say it didn’t belong to him, that it belonged to his wife, and it was not his to sell.

In every exhibition it is listed as “Collection of Gene Cady Gerzso, Mexico City.” In the retrospective show that was organized by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, not only is the work illustrated full page in the catalogue, but there is a photograph on p.110 of the painting hanging in the Gerzsos’ living room, where it remained for over 50 years.

This painting has been widely reproduced and is considered a watershed example of Gerzso’s career. In 1978, the conceptual artist Katya Mandoki recreated this painting in cloth for a video entitled “Aparición: Homage to Gunther Gerzso.” In the video, Mandoki manipulates the cloth to animate the composition. The abstract forms come to life and dance around to music by the prominent avant-garde composer, György Ligeti.

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