Horizontal print in bright red with colored horizontal lines in bright blue, orange and green

Palabras Grabadas (portfolio of 10 etchings)

Horizontal etching in bright red with horizontal geometric block in the middle in bright blues, green and black
Vertical etching with geometric shapes in the left half in bright yellows and greens. Right side is a solid shape with fine green lines
Gran Mundo (High Life)
Vertical etching in bright, textured blue with geometric shapes in the middle in bright oranges and black lines
Un Poeta (A Poet)
Predominantly white etching with hints of fading red at the top and bottom with big fading orange lines at the right.
Mayúscula (Capital)
Square etching with a cross in the middle in bright yellows and greens.
Paseo Nocturno (Night Walk)
Square etching with big blocks of blue, white and orange at the bottom.
Castillo en el Aire (Castle in the Air)
Horizontal etching with bright yellow and greens on the left and light blue color with a white square in the middle on the right.
Dama Huasteca (Huastec Lady)
Blue and green etching with big solid geometrical shapes in bright orange at the bottom.
El Sitiado (The Beseiged)
Faded blue etching with bright red lines on the left and right and a bright green line in the middle.
Salida (Exit)
Etching with a bright fading yellow on the left half and a bright green color on the right. Three colored blocks in red, white and blue at the top, middle and bottom.
Valle de México (Valley of Mexico)

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