A bronze sculpture in a blocky style of Georgie O'Keeffe sitting on a tree trunk with two chow chow dogs on either side of her

Portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe with Chow Chow Dogs

Originally created in wood, this five-part bronze sculpture by Venezuelan-American artist Marisol depicts Georgia O’Keeffe with her two beloved pets, who were her constant companions for many years at her home in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The original version of this work was part of a series of portraits exhibited in Artists and Artistes by Marisol at the Sidney Janis Gallery in 1981. Marisol paid homage to such figures as Martha Graham, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso, and Willem de Kooning, among others. This is the only known work from this series to be later cast in bronze. This work has been in a private collection since 1991 and is being exhibited publicly for the first time in thirty years.

A black and white photograph of a woman in silhouette with a fluffy dog walking outside. Spiky trees punctuate the landscape
Georgia O’Keeffe at Ghost Ranch
A black and white photograph of a fluffy chow chow dog lying on the stone ground
A black and white photograph of a black chow chow dog's face