A Papier-mâché sculpture showing four seated figures with their eyes closed. The two men wear old fashioned gray suits and have leaves on their heads. One woman has a bright blue dress with red yarn hair, and the other has a white dress with pink dots and black yarn hair.

Sofa maqueta

A papier-mâché sculpture of four seated figures with their eyes closed, displayed in a vitrine
Remedios Varo, Sofa Maqueta, displayed in a vitrine

In a conversation with Dr. Salomon Grimberg, he recalled interviewing Gunther Gerzso about this piece. Gerzso remembered going to the Calle Gabino Barreda* to visit the British painter Leonora Carrington and the Spanish artist Remedios Varo, both having arrived in Mexico in the early 1940s after fleeing war-torn Europe. He found the two young artists laughing and having a great time as they worked on a project for a
“surrealist dollhouse.” Their idea was to create a dollhouse in which the actual furniture was made out of dolls. Varo gave this maquette for a sofa to Gerzso, who kept it in his studio his entire life. It was stored in a box, labeled in Gerzso’s handwriting, “Sofa maqueta, Autora: Remedios Varo, Fecha ~ 1945.”

*Calle Gabino Barreda was home to many surrealist émigré artists from Europe, including Benjamin Péret, Remedios Varo, Leonora Carrington, Esteban Frances, Edward James, Chiki Weisz, and Kati Horna. The art that members of this group produced greatly affected Gerzso’s own painting and led him to experiment with Surrealist themes and techniques. In 1944, Gunther Gerzso painted a painting titled Los Días de la Calle Gabino Barreda (The Days of Gabino Barreda Street). Depicted in this work are Carrington, Varo, Gerzso, and Péret.

Gunther Gerzso, Los Días de la Calle Gabino Barreda, 1944

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