Figures Stopped by Stream

Of this drawing Dr. Favela writes, “There is a concerted interest in water reflections and light studies in the drawing that strongly point to Rivera at this time in his drawing career.”

He continues, “Because of their style and treatment, both drawings must have been done close in time to each other, possibly in the same vicinity…” Similarities are evident between these drawings and other pastels of the period such as the 1906 Confluencia de los rios–paisaje Querétaro in the Banamex collection, and Paisaje de Xalapa of 1905.

In conclusion Favela writes that “both these drawings appear to be on stylistic grounds by the hand of Rivera…In comparing the manner in which Rivera draws horses during this period, using the 1904 «La Era» as a basis, I am attributing both these drawings to the hand of Diego Rivera. The same linear quality of line-leg in these horses and «La Era’s» convince me, as do the poses with their upright qualities, that these are drawing[s] by Rivera from between 1904-1906. The more I examine the structural hachures and the very structured nuanced qualities, the more I am convinced that the drawings are by Rivera with his keen interest in cast shadows and pattern of reflections and shading in a work of art.”