Frederic Amat: Looking Back

As Mary-Anne Martin|Fine Art approaches its 40th anniversary, the gallery presents a series of installations celebrating artists shown by the gallery since its founding in 1982. Currently on view are works by the Barcelona born multimedia artist Frederic Amat, whose work spans painting, theater, film, set design, illustration, printmaking, and architecture. Following time spent in Mexico in the late 1970’s Amat moved to New York, and in 1984 Mary-Anne Martin|Fine Art, in conjunction with Monique Knowlton Gallery, gave the artist his first solo show in the United States. The works on view are from the early 80’s and and feature constructions made of handmade paper, wax, painting and found objects. 

he early 80's. It shows a very cluttered table and two artworks hanging on white walls.
Frederic Amat’s New York studio in 1984

Para mí la pintura no es una carrera profesional… ¿hacia dónde? Yo no voy a ninguna parte, voy a la deriva, a un no-lugar. Esta actitud de libertad, que es el valor fundamental de cualquier proceso creativo, no puede delimitarse. Este desplazamiento hace que para la gente del teatro yo sea un pintor; para el mundo de la pintura, un arquitecto de espacios; para los arquitectos, un fotógrafo; para los fotógrafos, un escenógrafo… y este no ser es el mejor lugar para dar a ver lo que hago posible que sea.

For me painting is not a professional path . . . towards where? I don’t go to anywhere, I drift, along, to a non-place. This attitude of freedom, which is the fundamental value of any creative process, can not be limited. This constant shifting means that for the theater people I am a painter; to the world of painting, an architect of spaces; for the architects, a photographer; for the photographers, a scenographer . . . and this “not being” is the best place to reveal what I can make possible to become.

Frederic Amat interviewed by “Tendencias del Mercado del Arte,” 2019