Isabel De Obaldía’s mural at Cervecería Legítima

Photo of a vibrant mural in a courtyard featuring monkeys, a jaguar, and a crocodile
The finished mural on view at Cervecería Legítima

With a career spanning painting, printmaking, sculpture and glass art, Isabel De Obaldía is still exploring new mediums. When her twin sons Pedro and Sebastián opened the microbrew pub Cervecería Legítima in Panama City, a new opportunity presented itself: painting a mural. De Obaldía was asked to paint a blank wall in the outdoor seating area with images of the local landscape and animals. Even in the summer heat, De Obaldía enjoyed the challenge of working outdoors on this scale. The finished mural measures 2.10 by 8.60 meters and transforms the courtyard into a vibrant, welcoming space. Cervecería Legítima specializes in local craft beers. For more information visit their Facebook page and Instagram: @cervecerialegitima

Detail of a mural showing a jaguar standing on a tree branch looking over the ocean
Detail of the left side
Detail of a mural showing three monkeys hanging in trees. The one in the center is holding a beer
Detail of the center
Detail of a mural showing a big green crocodile lounging on a sandbank in a bright blue ocean with waterfalls in the background
Detail of the right side
Black and white photograph of Isabel De Obaldia with her two sons Pedro and Sebastian standing in front of a mural
Isabel De Obaldía with her sons, the owners of Cervecería Legítima
Isabel De Obaldia and her assistant painting the mural in the courtyard
De Obaldía and her assistant Gabriela Esplá at work on the mural