Virtual Tour of Primordial: Paintings and Sculpture by Isabel De Obaldía at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

Primordial: Paintings and Sculpture by Isabel De Obaldía opened to the public on September 25, 2011. The show received a glowing review from Rod Stafford Hagwood of the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Hagwood interviewed Irvin Lippman, director of the museum, who said that De Obaldía’s work, “is a powerful expressive force [that] really captures the spirit of nature.” Hagwood also spoke with Susan Aberth, assistant professor of art history at Bard College, who added “Her work has a great dramatic presence.  There is a light-enhanced quality but the pieces are also very heavy looking. They speak to the past. And then there’s the size of them. There is a psychological weightiness there. They feel almost alive…They look ancient…animals with fangs and spikes and things that attack…menacing males, mostly stern and holding a weapon of some sort.” The exhibition continues through May 27, 2012.