Conversations with Benjamin Peret: Exquisite Corpse Drawing

In 1944, Gerzso met Benjamin Péret, the Surrealist Poet and political activist who moved to Mexico from France. In the 1940s, a number of European artists and writers, including Wolfgang Paalen, Alice Rahon, Max Ernst, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo, moved to Mexico to escape the horrors of World War II. With his European heritage and extensive shared interest with the Surrealists, Gerzso naturally became part of the group. His friendship with Benjamin Péret, who played a leading role in keeping the Surrealists dynamic (in conjunction with André Breton in New York), greatly influenced Gerzso and his early works.

Living in Calle Gabino Barreda, Benjamin Péret regularly invited the Surrealists and Gerzso, who was the only Mexican. Gerzso was greatly appreciated for his notorious wit and artistic ability. He was also the only one with any money and therefore was the person put in charge of buying the wine for group parties (though Péret insisted on selecting it).